girls and computer games

Scientific Facts About Girls and Computer Games

The atmosphere of ‘boys only’ in computer games is quickly fading. In spite of men making the biggest demographic, the number of female gamers is slowly rising. This has been attributed to the understanding of female tastes and the development of female friendly games.

Today, almost 40% of the computer games players are female. The Entertainment Software Association says that girls spend an average of 7.4 hours per week playing. As the development continues, the number of female players is deemed to rise.

cute, sexy girl in a video game outfitGirls and computer games have always been known to existing in two separate realms. This is because of the content contained in the video games.

Studies show that female players are repelled by computer games that involve strong and realistic violence. Since time immemorial, girls have been known to look down on violence. Consequently, with most computer games being graphic intensive, the number of female players is low.

Another revelation showed that girls disfavored computer games that featured female characters that fit into the male-dominated stereotypes.

This includes female characters with exaggerated body features or sexually provocative dressing. It is human nature to be attracted to the opposite sex. At such instances, it is difficult for a girl to place herself in the scene.

Girls are social. Subsequently, the perfect games for them are those with social interaction. Girls are able to interact better with virtual characters that are social in nature. Statistically speaking, the social aspects of most computer games are what are luring more girls into the fold.

The feature enabling players to interact with other online members has also contributed to the rise in the number of female players. It is evident that girls love playing online based games such as those on social networks than the standalone games.

The new generation software and family friendliness of computer games have further added to the increase in the number of female players. Furthermore, there is not much of a stigma attached to the female gamers today.

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The virtual reality today is that there are as many female gamers as there are men. 23.2% of girls spend time playing online computer games as opposed to the 22.3% of men. This is so because of the social aspect of the platform. Studies further reveals that a majority of female players would rather keep playing rather than have sex.

Surveys have shown that girls spend more time playing computer games for stress relief. Men, on the other hand, play for the competition element. Women are also more attracted to games that test their brain power.

When it comes to girls and computer games, researchers hypothesize that girls will be more comfortable playing games with no violence or a female character with exaggerated physical features. Girls favor games that allow for rich social interactions.

However, in spite of technology helping us keep in touch with the world, it can break relationships. Girls are more prone to computer games addiction. It is hence important to reduce game play and set time to be with your partners and handle other chores.