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Dating Hacks for the 21st Century

Dating has always been difficult. You had to put yourself out there and meet new people every day. With every new date, you were actually exposing your personality, likes and dislikes, repeatedly to a complete stranger!

And the tragedy was that there is no guarantee that you would find someone you actually liked. In fact, most people were so put-off by the process that they actually gave up on finding their perfect mate.

Internet dating changed all that. Through the security of your home, you could sort through potential dates, chat with them and even discuss a good book. And… you could do this while still comfortably sipping a cup of cocoa and dressed in your jammies. No need to dress up, spend money and then, be forced to complete a date with a person you did not really like at first sight!

For the vast majority, internet dating is now the norm. Back this up with newer and better technology and online daters now have several wonderful options that are easy to use.

Dating Apps

Dating apps are a dime-a-dozen but we did like a few varieties. For example, Tinder rates your photos for attractiveness by asking viewers whether you are hot or not. The apps also then matches users within 50 miles of each other and then asks them to rate each other.

If both people find each other attractive, Tinder helps them to start a relationship. Users can also log in through Facebook making it easier to compare interests and lifestyles before they connect through Tinder. If you don’t like Tinder, you can try Plenty of Fish, Zoosk, Tagged and Tingle. A word of caution: a few of these apps are exclusively for gay/ lesbian hook-ups or casual flings.

Credit Score Websites for Dating

Credit scores are sexy and a good credit score could actually help you find the perfect mate. Or at least that’s what has to say. Apparently, the site focuses on matching financially stable couples.

According to a press release, the site states that people who have good credit scores are more likely to be careful with their relationships and their partners. If you are interested, the website is also based on the same principle.

International Love Scout

Looking for something a little more serious? International Love Scout has you covered with their database of the hottest mail order brides on the planet. But be warned, if you visit the site make sure you have a couple hours to waste as browsing their profiles can be addictive.

The first thing you will ask yourself is “are these girls real?” The answer is YES and they are looking to date foreign men. So, if you are a single guy do yourself a favor and head on over to the site as soon as possible.

How About We

Of all the sites we came across, we loved the concept offered by As we all know, first dates are very difficult but this website actually manages to break through the ice quickly and effectively. Couples suggest a date and the website finds people in the same locality who are interested in the same activity and matches them up. It is fast, easy, interesting and really quite fun.

Global Dating Sites — We like these websites. The women or men know what they want and they are willing to work towards their goals. Hundreds of sites are available with women from all over the world. Sites like bring you women from all over Africa, wheras a site like concentrates only on profiles of women from China.

Just make sure that you choose a reliable site for the process.

Using the Internet to Find Real-Time Dates

The problem with internet dating is that eventually, you have to meet the other person. Some people build up such an image of the person through the internet that they do tend to get disappointed when they actually meet. For this we do recommend that you also sign up with sites like,, and which arrange realtime meets for like-minded singles.

These dates are usually group meetings and they revolve around social activities like beer parties, cooking classes, hiking etc. People registered on the site can choose to attend these events and meet as many people as possible to increase their chances of finding a mate.

Finding the right mate was never easy. But, the current generation has multiple methods by which they can find suitable people to date or marry. It does require a little hard work and effort though.

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